SpookSyncVR v0.7 for MAC & WINDOWS (for GoPro VR Player v2.1.2)

download SpookSyncVR here

For MAC users: In order to install this app make sure to set: System Preferences // Security & Privacy // General // “Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere“. If you are on Sierra follow this guide to disable Gatekeeper.

new in v0.7: Send Pan. These two OSC messages send the pitch and yaw of what you are looking at, so you can quickly write panning automation by looking at and following the audio source in the GoPro Player.

This application receives UDP data from the GoPro VR Player and translates it into OSC data that can be read by Reaper DAW. This data controls transport synchronisation and allows the pitch and yaw of the video to be mapped to the rotation and tumble of an ambisonics soundfield. Also the Field of View (fov) can be mapped to Ambisonics plugins that transform the gain of elements in the direction of interest versus those in the opposite direction (acoustic zoom effect). For Ambisonics plugins we recommend the Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper. SpookSyncVR v0.7 works with ATK version 1.0.b10 and GoPro VR Player 2.1.2.

A very basic Reaper Template can be found here and the Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper can be found here

For more information about how to set it all up check this video

SpookSyncVR is created with Max and uses the sadam.udpReceiver external from the Sadam Library.