At Amsterdam based soundstudio SPOOK we have a natural love for music, it’s why the company was started in the first place! We focus on custom-made music for video, advertising, film, television, interactive media and presentations. Compositions and arrangements in every style, with every sound that is needed to enforce your production. A comprehensive search for the right track is also an option. Or a leader production, a sound identity for your brand, a musical bumper, melodic effects: the possibilities are endless. That is why we go to work with a smile on our face!

We are well aware that communicating about music and sound with our clients is a delicate thing. Words to describe musical ideas are hard to express and we are experienced interpreting these keywords that clients provide us with in the right way. Music and sound are very stimulating to the brain in many ways, they can trigger emotions, change moods and can even influence behaviour. Sometimes it has to lead the way, sometimes it has to be supportive in the background. One thing is for sure, everybody needs music!