Audio Post-Production

We take care of all the stages of audio production: from the recording of audio on set to the completion of a master soundtrack for your video, feature film, television program or advertisement. In audio post-production, the recorded audio gets polished by editing, removing unwanted sounds and making sure everything is in sync. Faulty recordings can be replaced by wild takes or re-recorded in our studio.

Mixing and Finalising

If required, music, sound design, effects and foley can be added or treated for extra drama and impact. Maybe a nice voiceover needs to be embedded in all of this. A well balanced mix forms the final version of the soundtrack. Everything neat and pretty, or maybe rough and edgy if that is the style you are looking for. The final mix will comply with all the rules and demands, covering broadcast media, online and sounding sweet on any given platform.

Audio Production Workflow

For a smooth audio post-production workflow it is important for us to know how the original audio was recorded in the first place. A good collaboration between the production sound department and post-production always ensures the best results. That is why we offer a complete audio production workflow: recording on set, editing, mixing, sound design, foley, voiceover and music. This way we make sure that the highest possible audio quality can be maintained all throughout production. Of course we are also very happy to collaborate with your own recordist to achieve fast and crisp results.