Recording sound is a technical but also creative process. At we love to work with people, microphones, instruments, lots of cables, gear, ears and minds to record something everybody is happy with.

Recording Music

Recording music is about capturing the best possible performance at the highest quality possible. When the microphones are on, everything changes for the performer. Studio performance is a challenge and it is our duty to create a professional and relaxed atmosphere, so that art can be made and fun can be had!

Voiceover Recordings

A sweet sounding voiceover can really make a video production stand out. Just like singers, voice-actors need a comfortable stress-free atmosphere and some coaching if necessary. We have heard and recorded a lot of great people with beautiful voices. Our vocal booth is asking for more.

Location Sound

We can deliver great soundguys for registration of sound on location, that know what they are doing. We are also specialised in producing and recording sound for your Virtual Reality production from A to Z.