Audio Post-Production

We take care of all the stages of audio production between the recording of audio on set and the completion of a master soundtrack for your video, feature film, television program or advertisement. In audio post-production, the recorded audio gets polished by editing, removing unwanted sounds and making sure everything is in sync. Faulty recordings can be replaced by wild takes or re-recorded in our studio.

Mixing & Finalising

If required, music, sound design, effects and foley can be added or treated for extra drama and impact. Maybe a nice voiceover needs to be embedded in all of this. A well balanced mix forms the final version of the soundtrack. Everything neat and pretty. The final mix will comply with all the rules and/or demands, covering broadcast media, online and sounding sweet on any given platform.

Audio Post-Production workflow

We can deliver great soundguys for recording on location. Working with these guys optimises the workflow in audio post-production. We selected them ourselves and they know how to deliver their audio, so that no time is lost when the post-production fase commences. Of course we can also collaborate with your recordist to achieve fast and crisp results.